Savvy Fit Soaps are Really Friggin' Natural and so is our deodorant. What makes our deodorant "special" among other natural deodorants?  IT WORKS!


This set features our VERY POPULAR EUCALYPTUS/MINT mix with our VEGAN bases. 


We combine amazing ingredients that have no record of toxicity.  There is no aluminum.  There is not even baking soda or corn starch (which are high allergy).  


The recipe has active ingredients that are NATURAL ANTI-PERSPIRANTS. 


Just the best deodorant with REAL smell too!  It's EUCALYPTUS, SPEARMINT, PEPPERMINT Essential Oil.


Product Contains a 2.5oz mixture of the following:

Organic Beeswax

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Arrowroot

Pure Magnesium Hydroxide

Organic Essential Oil Blend


The mixture is created using safe quantities of each essential oil so they are diluted enough to be applied as deodorant.


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