“to shine a light on the human potential and the spirit of wellness for a person, a community, and the planet.” 


Creating massive change in the world starts with each of us.  Join Thomas this fall in forging a path to education for people in recovery, by taking on the challenge that will not be soon forgotten.  Be part of a Leg of the Barrier Island Challenge this Fall and Row/Paddle around the islands of the Jersey Shore.




to foster a decision to act, a decision to stay committed, a decision to change, and a decision to see through struggle and evolution. A human being can adapt and resolve.


through connectivity.  A vast ocean is remote and distant to us, until we encounter it and trust it to care for us day after day in a vulnerable journey.  When we respect and engage something so massive regularly, it makes caring for ourselves and our community so much more practical.


and freedom to budget risk and fear, choosing to be our best.

The Ocean is a force from our higher power that contains finality and totality.  It teaches us to be humble and aware. 

the mission. over 600 miles of encircling the barrier islands of ocean county. 11 legs to join. 


We all have waters in our lives that we need to row across.  There are things that feel impossible and relentless.  There are places in our minds where we have no control, tides that change, storms that sneak up on us, and distances we must commit to that seem unimaginable. 

It is in the spirit of this magnitude that I am taking on this challenge as an advocate of those whose minds and bodies take them and their families down paths of unrest or addiction.  Seeking mercy for our collective journey, resilience in the wake of challenges, respect for the world around us, and education for the path ahead.

Please support the ROW FOR HOPE.  By doing so, you will be part of a community of caring individuals who reward education to people in addiction recovery and their families (at HOPE SHEDS LIGHTS).  Education creates a wealth of opportunity and self-appreciation for those who receive these funds from your generosity.  Special thanks to the Ocean County College Foundation.

I appreciate your help in making a difference with me. - Thomas